21 enero 2017

The Mysterious Story of Russian Rogue Typhoon Submarine Aircraft Carrier

Ok here is the story, raw translated, nothing added. You decide if you believe it or not. Basically the story is about that on the brink of collapse of USSR a group of high KGB authorities have been too much patriots of the Soviet state that they decided not to become the officers of the new Russian Federation. They thought it was a temporary state and USSR would return soon. So what they did they acquired billions of dollars partly from old Soviet reserves and then thru the new economic reality invested it and blackmailed new Russian oligarchs. With all those funds they created something really weird - on the base of the biggest nuclear submarine in the world - Russian project Typhoon submarine they turned it into an.. underwater aircraft carrier which they called "Soviet Union". Let's read on:

Across the network:

A supposed screenshot of the newspaper proving the theory.
According to the story, just this model and a photo are the only leaked materials. However the model was photographed and here are the photos.
So how did they pull this off? According to the story to complete the project they needed a) funds b) secrecy. They got the funds by the means we mentioned above. As for the secrecy they pulled this trick - they hired two groups of engineers to work on the project separately. First group thought they are making a submarine for the new Russian riches. Another group was told the truth but this were the top scientists.
To create the project hey used a few existing Soviet vessels. In the middle of the project development it went on the "test route" from Moscow to Vladivostok in winter under the Arctic ice and.. disappeared.

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