05 enero 2013

Terremoto de 2004: Tres submarinos nucleares dañados.

En el terremoto de 2004 resultaron dañados tres submarinos (de EEUU, India y China) que estaban "cerca" del epicentro (no dice cuanto de cerca la noticia), ¿Podrían haber resultado más dañados si se hubiera querido?

Three submarines damaged by earthquake

30 December 2004: Three submarines of the Indian, US and Chinese navies were damaged by the earthquake off Sumatra that triggered of killer tsunamis in Asia, and while two submarines have returned to their bases, there is no intelligence on the Chinese vessel.

Top sources said that while the American submarine was the first to record the intensity of the tremor, because of advanced sonographic sensors, and dashed off nearly ten messages to its headquarters in California and Pacific base in Hawaii, the Indian vessel was to first to identify the earthquake, but its signal to its mainland base did not produce realtime reaction.

Both the US and Chinese submarines reported a ‘strange undersea development’,” said a diplomat, “but only the Indian submarine got it right the first time, but its base could not react fast enough, and if it had, the tragedy of such proportions could have been minimised.”

Diplomats say that all three submarines were in the vicinity of the epicentre, and that they could have been flipped over by the quake, suffering damages in the process.

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