28 noviembre 2010

SPORT SUB III: Un nuevo submarino Casero.

Veo que no somos los únicos enfermos con la i
dea de tener nuestro propio submarino casero. L Empresa de Neones SubFIND (Subi¡find.com) presenta toda una serie de submarinos monoplazas, turísticos y de otros tipos a cual más variado.
Os paso la ficha de un modelo de lo más curiosos, el Sport Sub III y cuya descripción pude ver en el blog de ZAHORIA (http://zahoriarch.blogspot.com/2008/03/sub-find-submarinos-caseros.html)

 Sport Sub ambient pressure submersible

Length - 3 m
Height - 1.7 m
Capacity - 3 persons
Sonar bottom and forward
Dive computer
Single joystick control
300 cf. air + 80 cf reserve
Sub to surface comms
Halogen lighting
24 volt- 280 lbs. thrust
Twin props
All fiberglass construction
SportSub 3 person ambient pressure submersible is rated to 100 feet. This brand new submersible is available for an exceptional price.
SportSubs are used throughout the world in resorts and as well as yacht assessory vehicles. They are also widely enjoyed by submersible enthusiasts as a reliable and fun alternative to more expensive one atmosphere vehicles.

UVI has recently been factory authorized to sell both the SportSub and ResortSub. Contact us for pricing and further information.

SportSub III Specifications
Power & Electrical
System Voltage - 24 Volts
Battery Capacity - upgrade from 50 Amp Hours to 175 Amp Hours
Battery Charger - Automatic, 21 Amp, Marine Grade
Thrusters 2 - Port & Starboard - Amidships
Maximum Thrust Force - 70 lb. Each
Thrust Control
- Continuously Variable (independent fwd. and rev.)
Thrust Angle Control - +/- 90 Deg.
Sonar 200 ft Range, Select Down or Forward View
Computerized Dive Monitor Multi-Level, Multi Tissue (specify English or metric measurement)
Displays: Depth,Dive Time, Remaining Time Allowable at Depth,Safe Ceiling
Alarms: Ascent Rate Alarm, Decompression Required
Air Flow Meter Variable 0 ~ 150 cfh
Main Air Supply Pressure Gauges upgrade from 1 to 3 Gauges: 0 ~ 5000 psi, Regulator Mounted
ReservAir System Pressure Gauge 0 ~ 5000 psi, Control Panel Mounted
Battery Monitor True Percentage of Capacity
Electrical Systems Monitor Alarm System for Electrical Faults
Alarms: High Battery Voltage
Power Module Fault
Joystick Module Fault
Starboard Thruster Wiring Fault
Starboard Thruster disconnected
Port Thruster Wiring Fault
Port Thruster Disconnected
Low Battery Voltage
Thruster Speed & Direction Control Fly-by-Wire Joystick System
Thruster Speed & Direction Indicators Variable Intensity Lighted
Buoyancy Control Electronic, Select: Auto-Off-Manual
Compass Liquid filled

Performance & Capacity
Occupant Capacity - 3 People
Payload Capacity - 400 lb. (180kg) Weight in Water (occupants are half buoyant)
Ballast Tanks 3 - Forward, Cockpit, Aft
*Primary Air Supply upgrade from 2 80's to 3 tanks, 100 cu ft each
Reserve Air Supply - 1 tank, 80 cu ft
Maximum Depth - 130 ft (40m)
*Top Speed from 5 knots above to 4 knots

*Dimensions 132” L x 72” W x 65” H. 12" longer, 10" taller.
(335cm x 183cm x 166cm 30cm longer and 26cm taller)
*Weight 1750 lb. empty. 500 lbs. heavier. (800kg. 235kg heavier)
Hull construction Hand – Laid Fiberglass
Component Materials Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, Engineered Plastics
*Windows 5 Flat (3 forward, 2 down), 4 Domed (9” & 15” each side).
Upgrade from 2 domes to 4.

Safety Systems
Upward Thrust (140 lb.), EBC Manual Override, ReservAir System, Manual Cockpit Air Inlet, Triple Ballast Tanks, 3 Independent Removable Air Tanks with SCUBA Regulators, Drop Weights, Exit Port Always Open for Swimming Ascent.

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