22 julio 2017

Why America's New Columbia-Class Submarine Could Be a Game-Changer

Why America's New Columbia-Class Submarine Could Be a Game-Changer

The US plans to build 12 new Columbia-Class Submarines, each with 16 missile tubes, and the UK plans to build four nuclear-armed ballistic submarines, each with 12 missile tubes. 

Earlier this year, ship specifications for the new Columbia-Class submarines were completed and the program is now in detailed design phase and initial production contract, service officials said.

In acquisition terms, development of the new submarines have passed what's termed "Milestone B," clearing the way beyond early development toward ultimate production. Production decisions are known as "Milestone C."

"The program was approved to proceed to Milestone B Jan. 4, authorizing it to enter into the engineering and manufacturing development phase and permitting the transition from preliminary design to detail design," William Couch, spokesman for Naval Sea Systems Command, told Scout Warrior earlier this year. 

Ultimately, the Navy hopes to build and operate as many as 12 new submarines, to be in service by the early 2040s and serve well into the 2080s. 

As a result, the Columbia-Class submarines will be able to serve a greater number of deployments than the ships they are replacing and not need a mid-life refueling in order to complete 42 years of service.

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